Galvanic Mechadorks were the prototypes of Galvanic Mechamorphs.


The Galvans created a Galvanic Mechadork. They called him Conrad. Conrad created more Mechadorks. Conrad presumably died, but instead, he actually turned into Diagon because Conrad was special. The Galvans sent the Mechadorks into space, because they were all failures. The Mechadorks landed on Vulpin. They created Vulpimancers. Some Mechadorks left and created the species known as Sonorosian. The Mechadorks then created what we call snow. Realizing that the Galvans wanted them dead, the Mechadorks created the Saiyans to destroy the Galvans. But the Saiyans realized they could inhabit another universe, and they left the Mechadorks. The Mechadorks made colonies on many planets. When a colony arrived on Earth, they became what we call cryptids. Mechadorks now are being hunted by Galvans and Sonorosians.Mechadorks think "If only the Galvans had created another species." The Mechadorks have recently found Galvan B.


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